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José Alfredo Vásquez

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants
30 Gostick Place
North Vancouver, BC,
Canada V7M 3G3

Tel.: (604) 980-6011
2005, PhD in Hydrotechnical Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada.
1999, M.Eng. University of British Columbia, Canada.
1992, B.S. Civil Engineering,
Universidad de Piura, Peru.

2001, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.
1992, Catholic University of Chile, Chile.


River Engineering and Hydraulic Structures (1992-2006)
- 3D Numerical modeling of sedimentation in San Roque Reservoir, The Philippines.
- 2D simulation of flow around Blackrock Bridge, Churchill River, Canada.
- 2D and 3D flow simulation of a sharp bend in the Paraguay River for a navigation model.
- 2D modeling of flow for the
Golden Ears Bridge, Fraser River, Canada.
- 2D modeling of spur dykes in Bedford Channel, Fraser River, Canada.
- 2D modeling of flow aroun McMillan Island, Fraser River, Canada.
- Development of  2D Finite Elements river morphology model
- 3D modeling of Majes and Quiroz sand traps (SSIIM).
Piura River: 1-D model of a 45 km reach (HECRAS), 2-D mobile bed model of 15 km (BRISTARS) and 2-D detailed model (RMA-2) of 3 km urban reach.
- 2D numerical model of 25 km of
Tumbes River (FESWMS), including 4 bridges.
- Low water stream crossing and bank protection design, Charanal river (HECRAS).
- Numerical modelling and design of multiple culverts, Los Chica Stream (HY8).
- Hydraulic modelling for the design of 3 new bridges in Piura:  San Miguel, Bolognesi and Integracion (HECRAS).
- Hydraulic assessment of existing Sanchez Cerro Bridge (HECRAS).
- Local scour and riprap protection for the
Golden Ears Bridge, Vancouver, Canada.
- Local scour downstream of multiple culverts on sand beds. University of Castilla-La Mancha´s Hydraulics Laboratory, Spain.
- Piura River, 1:50 scale model of a 3 km urban reach including 3 bridges.
- Machu Picchu hydropower station.
- San Gaban II ´s diversion tunnel, 1:45 scale model
- Chavimochic´s Second Pier local scour model.
- Puente Cincel dam, spillway and diversion tunnel, 1:35 scale model.
- Chavimochic´s Diversion Dam and water intake, 1:40 scale model.

Applied Research (1992-2006)
- Validation of 3D CFD models to simulate flow in river intakes, sand traps and bridges (ongoing).
- Enhancement of existing River2D model to simulate riverbed morphodynamics ( PhD research).
- Application of Genetic Programming for rainfall-runoff forecast and prediction of velocity in gravel bed rivers.
- Genetic Algorithms for optimizing water quality systems under uncertainty.
- Modification of Hardy-Cross method to optimally design closed water networks.
- Testing and implementation of industrial wastewater treatment using flotation.
- Scour induced by horseshoe vortex in the base of Chavimochic's gated spillway central pier.
- Testing and implementation of a hydrosuction sediment removal system in Cirato Reservoir.
- Flow pattern and sedimentation in Chavimochic's river intake (undergraduate thesis).

Water Networks and Drainage (1994-1997)
- Hydraulic design of 5 urban surface storm water drainage systems in Piura city.
- Hydraulic design of stream protections and drainage for Lot X oil fields (culverts, bank protections, gutters, etc.)
- Hydraulic design of a water tank and water networks in Villa Primavera.
- Hydraulic computations of Piura´s new water network system (population 400,000) Feasibility Study.
- Supervision of Upper Paita´s sewer system construction.
- Feasibility Study of the Integrated Storm Water Drainage System for Piura City.

Other Experience (1991-1994)
- Post-construction assessment of hydraulic works of Quiroz River hydropowe
r plant.
- Hydrologic assessment of Carhuaquero, Cahua and Cañón del Pato hydropower plants.
- Wave measurements for the new oil jetty in Talara.
- Flow measurement in Chavimochic´s Lateral Channel 10.
- Design of intake and 5 km waterway for irrigation.

Rivers and bridge hydraulics:                   .
SSIIM                    3D Finite Volumes model for water and sediment transport.
RIVER2D             2D Finite Element surface water model.
CCHE2D              2D flow and sediment model.
FESWMS-2DH    2D Finite Element Surface water model for rivers and bridge hydraulics.
RMA-2                   2D Finite Element hydrodynamic model.
SED2D                 2D Finite Element sediment transport model.
BRISTARS           quasi-2D Unsteady Mobile bed hydraulics for rivers and bridge hydraulics
HECRAS 3.0       1D unsteady surface profiles model
HY-8                     1D Culvert Design
CFA                      Consolidated Flood Frequency Analysis.
SMADA                 Precipitation-runoff model


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Two-dimensional dam-break simulation over movable beds with an unstructured mesh". River Flow 2006, Lisbon, Portugal, Submitted.
-Vasquez, J.A., Millar, R.G. and Steffler, P.M (2005)."
Two-dimensional morphological simulation in transcritical flow". 4th IAHR Symposium in River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics, Urbana, Illinois.
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Vertically-averaged and moment of momentum model for alluvial bend morphology". 4th IAHR Symposium in River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics, Urbana, Illinois.
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River2D Morphology, Part I: Straight Alluvial Channels". 17th Canadian Hydrotechnical Conference, Edmonton, Canada.
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River2D Morphology, Part II: Curved Alluvial Channels". 17th Canadian Hydrotechnical Conference, Edmonton, Canada.
- Vasquez, J.A. (2005). "
Two-dimensional numerical simulation of flow diversions". 17th Canadian Hydrotechnical Conference, Edmonton. Canada.
- Vasquez, J., Atoche, J. (2002) "3D numerical modeling of flow in sand traps (in Spanish)", XIII Peruvian Civil Engineering Congress.
- Vasquez, J., et al (2000)  "
Achieving Water Quality System Reliability Using Genetic Algorithms", Journal of Environmental Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 126, No. 10.
- Vasquez, J., Lence, B. (1999)  "Genetic Algorithms for Managing Water Quality System Under Uncertainty" Annual Canadian Water Resources Conference.
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- Vasquez, J., (1997) "Optimized Water Network Design (In Spanish)". XII Peruvian Civil Engineering Congress.
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- Vasquez, J., Gencel, Z. (1994) "Scale Model Study of Chavimochic Diversión Dam (In Spanish)". XI Peruvian Civil Engineering Congress.

2001 - 2003   Teaching Assistant, Hydraulics lab, University of British Columbia.
1998 - 2001   Associate Professor, courses: Hydraulic Works and Hydrology, University of Piura.
1993 - 1997   Assistant Professor, courses: Hydropower plants, Fluid Mechanics, University of Piura.
1991 Teaching Assistant, course: Open Channel Flow, University of Piura.
Pepe is the familiar nickname used in Spanish to refer to people called José (Joseph). Joseph, the Putative Father of Jesus, was referred as
Pater Putativus in Latin, or with the acronym PP, which in Spanish is pronounced and written as "Pepe".

Vasquez is a Spanish surname that derives from the name "Vasco" and dates back to the 8th century. The coat of arms is a golden castle over a red field.
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