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Software Gratuito

Excellent 3D model for hydrodynamic and sediment transport modeling. It uses a Finite Volume formulation with structured multiblock mesh. It includes a k-epsilon turbulence model, a mesh generator and a flow visualization program.
Sans traps, local sour at piers and local scour at abutments.
LIMITATIONS: It cannot simulate hydraulic jumps; structured mesh is not very flexible for complex geometries.

Advanced Finite Element 2D hydrodynamic model with excellent capabilities for transcritical flow modeling; smoothly handles wet-dry elements; does not require artificial eddy viscosity for convergence; excellent mesh generation and refinement routines; efficient GMRES matrix solver for large meshes (> 10000 nodes).
MY APPLICATIONS: Sudden expansions, hydraulic jumps, rivers with subcritical or supercritical flow,
river intakes.
LIMITATIONS: Fixed bed model for now (I am trying to change that).

2D Finite Element hydrodynamic model intended for bridge simulation. It has special routines such as: 1D culverts, flow over road embankments and decks, local scour. It requires artificial eddy viscosity for convergence.
MY APPLICATIONS: Road and bridges in the meandering
Tumbes River.
LIMITATIONS: It cannot simulate supercritical flow and hydraulic jumps; it does not have its own user interface.

Quasi-2D sediment transport model for application in bridges. Several 1D parallel stream tubes give information is the transversal direction. Runs quickly and with limited data with unsteady flow conditions, for both subcritical ans supercritical flow.
Piura River.
LIMITATIONS: Strongly curved rivers (e.g.
Tumbes River); requires some measurements to calibrate prameters to sediment transport equations (true for any  sediment model really).

Popular 1D model. Capable of unsteady flow simulation in both sub- and supercritical regimes. Special routines for bridges, weirs and gates.
MY APPLICATIONS: Various bridges and culverts.
LIMITATIONS: Fixed bed model only. Not good for river with strong curvature (e.g. Tumbes River).


University of British Columbia. Where I am now doing PhD.
Hydraulics Institute in Piura, Peru. Where I worked in hydraulic modeling.
Universidad de Piura. Where I taught hydraulics.
HidroPiura, a web page in Spanish about hydraulics and Piura
My personal photos, of family and landscapes.
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